Who needs a Canadian Rep?

All applicants with a company address outside of Canada and submitting a certification application to a CB or ISED Canada requires a Canadian Representative.

What service levels are available?

We offer contracts by number of models the Applicant submits to ISED Canada, or on an annual basis (i.e. unlimited number of models within 1 year).

How long does it take to issue my attestation letter?

Typically within a few hours after the payment has been completed, and no more than 24 hours.

For how long do I need a valid Canadian Representative?

Per RSP-100 Section 4.1, "The applicant shall have a valid Application and Agreement for Certification Services for as long as the certified product is offered on the Canadian market."

How much will the service cost me?

Price will depend on the service level requested by the client. Fill out a quote request to hear about our competitive prices!

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What do I do after I've been issued as attestation letter?

Simply include it in the application for certification package to your CB. This will uploaded to ISED's database by the CB to inform them that we are your Canadian Rep. That's it!

More questions?

See our Frequently Asked Questions for more info.