Product Certification Services

Getting your equipment certified and on the market can be a stressful and lengthy task. Our certification experts have the experience and knowledge needed to ensure every client's product certification goes smoothly. Be sure to ask our staff for more information regarding discounts when we certify the same product for both country's certification scheme!

  • Upload your application

    Login (or register for an account if you do not have one already) to our E-filing website and upload your application package for your device

  • Review and Certification

    Our experts review the application contents and decide if your device fulfills the regulatory country's regulations

  • Get Grant/Certificate

    We issue the applicable grant or certificate to you and you are free to market your device once it is listed on the FCC OET database and/or ISED REL!


Use our services as a Certification Body (CB) or Canadian Representative to get your products on the Canadian market
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United States

Use our services as a Telecommunications Certification Body (TCB) to market products in the USA
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