product certification services for EMC, Radio and Telecom Products

placed on the U.S. market

Before a device is placed on the US market, it must go through reviewal by a telecommunications certification body (TCB) before the the Applicant is issued a grant of equipment authorization by TCB.

As a TCB recognized by Industry Canada, we are qualified to certify your equipment to the relevant 47 CFR rule parts and published KDBs.

All radio transmitters operated in the USA are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in order to ensure that all devices may operate in a safe manner with the least amount of interference possible. All applications for certification must be directed to TCBs such as NACS for review. TCBs are permitted to certify all types of equipment in their scope of accreditation, but certain types of equipment (i.e. U-NII devices with DFS capabilities) require FCC’s Pre-Approval Guidance (PAG) before a grant can be issued by the TCB. Once a device has been issued a grant, equipment specifications and select documents will be published on the FCC Equipment Authorization System website for the public to view.

The certification process follows procedures set in 47 CFR Part 2 and Applicants must submit the required documents called out in the rules. For more information on what types of documents need to be provided and for samples of said documents, please click the “Resources” tab to the right.

  • Obtain a FCC Registration Number (FRN) and Grantee Code

    All applications for certification require that the Applicant have a unique FRN and Grantee Code registered with the FCC. Users will need to register for a CORES account and log in before creating a new FRN.

  • Have equipment evaluated to applicable test standard(s) by an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited and FCC recognized testing laboratory

    A list of acceptable testing laboratories may be found here. A testing laboratory with the appropriate scope of accreditation must be chosen to conduct testing for your device.

  • Register for a NACS E-filing login account

    Registration will provide you access to all NACS resources available for Applicants, as well as access to our application upload interface. This step is required for first-time users of our E-Filing system only.

  • Read through NACS's FCC User Manual for Applicants

    The User Manual provides information regarding application preparation and contains important notices. Find it in "Resources" above.

  • Compile your Application Package

    Application forms and sample letter templates are available in the "Resources" section above.

  • Upload your Application Package

    Log in and upload your application package to us. Your assigned reviewer will reach out to you shortly after!